Retail Merchants of Hawaii is committed to representing our members in all levels of government by being fully involved in the issues that affect the retail industry.  We provide our members with legislative information as well as being a resource for our members, government and the community to turn to regarding information on the retail industry.

RMH continually provides members with Eblast updates on pending legislation, measures up for hearing as well as newly enacted laws and ordinances.

During the 2019 Legislative session alone, we are tracking over 550 bills that would have an impact on the retail industry and the community.  Issues include raising or creating new taxes, environmental bans and mandates, increase in minimum wage, additional family leave, workers compensation, employment practices, and allowing for unsecured bail to name a few. And then there are the retail specific issues that include but are not limited to E-commerce nexus, warranty issues, E-receipts, scales in stores,  shopping carts, gift certificate cash back, appliance efficiency standards.

RMH also tracks and testifies on measures that are before the City and County councils on all of the islands.