Welcome to the Retail Merchants of Hawaii

Founded in 1901, Retail Merchants of Hawaii (RMH) is a state-wide, not-for-profit trade association committed to the growth and development of the retail industry in Hawaii. The RMH mission is to promote the welfare of the retail industry, to provide information and training to advance the interests of the retail industry, and to serve as an advocate for the retail industry in both the governmental and the business communities. The retail industry is the largest single generator of general excise tax revenue and employs almost 20% of the workforce in the State of Hawaii. Because effective interaction with government is critical to business, RMH is recognized as the official representative of the retail industry in Hawaii.

Retail in Hawaii...

  • Generated annual sales of over $27.8 Billion in 2011.
  • Is the largest single generator of General Excise tax revenue (GET), over $1.1billion.
  • Employs 148,000 people, 25% of the workforce